wiseflame 임시 휴업함. temporarily close up

나 오늘 세미나는 커녕 계속 집에있을거임. I haven't plan seminar to do.

나 유부녀 아님. 너 누구야? 죽을래? Who are you? I didn't marry.

I genetic female and born to 1983, female. He is NOT me.

I didn't birth to child. I hadn't baby.

I got master's degree. I don't need SAT.

I'm not die. yet.

I close homepage untill pay my work fee. 내 돈 내놓을때까지 닫는다.


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Mail: rararasup@nate.com

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나랑 통화한 얘는 김형태가 맞는거냐? Really I was talking with kim?
왜 또 외주 줬다고 그럴라고? This time, do you want to say that you gave me to outsource? I wasn't sold to anyone.
내가 알바생이야?????? 맙소사. Am I part-time job??

4 minute 30 sec starting show my face. my make-up face isn't ugly that much.
4분 30초 부터 화장얼굴. 화장하면 그렇게 못생겼다고 할 정도는 아니다. 니네 옆에있는애나 생얼 만들어봐라.